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Христов и партньори, адвокатска кантора - гр. София
Христов и партньори, адвокатска кантора - гр. София
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Date: 15 October 2017
Todor Mangarov Law office, Sofia, Bulgaria is a full service law company, providing a full range of legal services in all fields of the judicial practice
Todor Mangarov Law office, Sofia, Bulgaria is a full service law company, providing a full range of legal services in all fields of the judicial practice - penal law, corporate law, intellectual property law, tax law and real estate, public procurements, administrative law and litigation. We have been created in order to provide quality legal assistance for solving of any business or personal issue you may encounter. We offer a free consultation and you always can get professional help from an experienced lawyer, who will draft a strategy for resolving of your problem. The company has been founded by Mr. Todor Mangarov, a dedicated lawyer with thirteen years legal background in solving of various legal disputes. Attorney Mangarov has always insisisted that good results can be achieved only by a higly motivated legal professionals, driven by a team spirit and sense of collaboration, so we collaborate ever since we opened our doors. If you need a devoted lawyer, please email us a brief description of your case and advise when would be appropriate to be contacted. We will call you back as soon as possible.
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Date: 08 September 2017
Канторатами.бг е онлайн посредническа платфома, която има за цел да осъществи връзка и последваща комуникция между клиентите и квалифицирани специалисти. Работим със специалисти в областта на: счетоводството, финансовите, консултантските, застрахователните и юридическите услуги. Наши потенциални клиенти са всички, които търсят решение на даден проблем или казус, както и хора, които искат да получат допълнителна информация. Ние сме екип от млади и ентусиазирани хора, които подхождат сериозно и отговорно към нашата работа и високо ценим мнението на всички наши партньори и клиенти.
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Date: 09 June 2017
кухни и обзавеждане по поръчка
кухненско обзавеждане от мдф,пдч по размер на клиента.Луксозни модели и дизайн от ново поколение
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Date: 03 March 2017
Law office Gencheva
You plan to purchase a property in Bulgaria?You need assistance by preparation of different kind of contracts?Or your company need legal representation in front of the bulgarian courts? Just contact us!
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Date: 03 February 2017
Law office Gencheva, Takov and partners
On the basis of our academic experience , we always seek for the best solution for the cases in the area of the national and of the european law. Thanks to our close cooperation with colleagues from Germany, we have the possibility to support you by solution of cases in Federal Republic of Germany. The law office is located in Plovdiv, but we offer our services also in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia.You are welcome also for online consultation.
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Date: 03 February 2017
Адвокатска кантора Пенков, Марков и партньори
Адвокатско дружество „Пенков, Марков и партньори” е сред лидерите на българския пазар в предоставянето на правни услуги и процесуално представителство. Във философията си дружеството разчита на дългогодишна фирмена култура и традиции, изцяло посветени на нашите клиенти и предоставянето на качествени правни услуги, свързани с инвестициите и стопанската дейност на клиентите.
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Date: 27 October 2016
Immigration Services
Immigration and legal services
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Date: 19 April 2016
Vasilev Law Firm
Commercial Law, Insurance Law, Tax Law, Civil Procedure Law, Foreign Investments, Immigration Law, Administrative Law, Contractual Law
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Date: 19 April 2016
Адвокатска кантора Димова и Кулчева - правни услуги и обслужване
Адвокатска кантора Димова и Кулчева предлага правни услуги, юридически консултации и абонамент на физически и юридически лица
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Date: 13 April 2016
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